Step by step guide to install Castalia in fedora 10:

Step 1:
Untar and unzip the Castalia package:
# tar –xvzf Castalia-1.3.tar.gz

Step 2:
A new directory will be created ‘Castalia-1.3’
Direct to the ‘config’ folder reside in ‘Castalia-1.3’ folder and edit the ‘Castalia.config’ file:
# cd Castalia-1.3/config
# vi Castalia.config
Change the following line:

Remark: Make sure that the path that you set is correctly pointed to the Castalia folder or else you have problem make it.
Remark: Press “i” key to insert line to Castalia.config after finish editing press “Esc” key follow by “:” key and type “wq” to write and quit from vi.

Step 3:
Change back to the Castalia home directory and run the command mkmk:
# cd ..
# ./mkmk

Step 4:
The Makefile should be generated by now, proceed with the usual built command:
# make

After finish make, check the directory Castalia/bin for the generated binary/executable file CastaliaBin.

*success* ^_^

Download the User manual and start coding!!!

All download, documentation and installation steps can be gain from