Research related to WSN.


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  1. hi
    seems that your major research area is WSN. That sounds cool. I want to offer you the role of an author for the blog Teh reasons are simple , my major research area is mobile communication , another author is working on antenna related research and the third one is also working on mobile ocmmunication, so it is clear at wireless cafe no one is related to WSN
    Secondly something about wireless cafe, this blog doesnt belong to one individual , the aim of the blog is to bring researchers on one common platform and to discuss issues related to research (and not the spoon feeding tutorial) coz one can find tutorial on many other sites, here one can discuss the implemenatation and some common misconception type of things,
    on becoming the author you will get full rights to access the blog.

    also one more thing, we guys believe in Human Knowledge belongs to ALL (taken from the movie antitrust)
    Feel free to revert back and ask.
    for referece you can visit and also on google groups and for inspiration and motivation you can visit (blog)

    Cheers !

    1. chevy67 Says:

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve visited the site and i dare say that it really impressed me. I’m really fascinated with the post “what is the single carrier FDMA” as this is the issues that my lecturer passionate about but i can’t seem to grasp the whole concept. The post have at least give me some idea of that particular topic. I like to say many thank for the invitation but i like to know what contribution that you aspect me to give? As you know I’m still a student in learning and the solution that I’ve found is basically the one that i find in internet. I wont want to accept this offer if i know that i can only give out information that million people already have the solution of.

      p/s: if you found me not replying to you within this two week –> I’m off at some rural place for field work.


  2. hi,

    Thanks for the reply, it is true that on net there are million of solutions and tutorials and many more things, but still we do not get some straight forward answers to our straight forward questions, like difference between modulation multiple access etc. or some thing like a script for running a wireless channel simulation etc.
    That is why we founded this blog and we are trying to give it a momentum in fact taking it to next level by keeping up the momentum. On the blog you can post what actually you face in your research, like of you are reading something related to os for sensor nodes or routing algo. for WSN and you feel that this is some information and some issues which are crucial and can help others then just draft a post and post it (you are already doing great with your blog). For doing all this you do not need to be an expert some times we share our knowledge some times we gain knowledge by sharing it. I recently completed my masters in communication engineering and now I am looking forward for research field and PhD, and also want to take this blog to new heights.
    Basiclly this blog came from my personal exp. I feeled that there are many out there who are not having guidance or who got stucked into some problem say if some one stucked in to some problem related to channel equalisation then I can and I will try to help him out but if some one got stuck with 802.11 then I will say only one word —” SOrry” coz it willbe out of my expertise and field , but it is related to the field of communication (wireless and computer nteworks — any thing which comes under IEEE). So by this blog we are trying to connect researchers with each other, sharing knowledge and making the students and other researchers (who are working on their own) that they are not alone, we are their to share their problems along with knowledge.

    As this blog is in its alpha phase we are working hard to improve the quality of the article and to get to the right point : i.e. beyond books.

    I hope the explanation given above will satisfy you and you will join wirelesscafe and will make it “OUR ” blog.

    always remember, “Do not wait to realize your dreams, just go for it”

    Thanks and regards,
    looking forward for your company @wirelesscafe

    as per your post about how to install different tools , this type of thigs helps others, even if you draft a post about “simulation tools for WSN” tehn ti will work wonder, coz after reading you blog I came to know about this tools 🙂 I am talking about such great things which works and matters a lot and people keep on searching them on net. From university to university knowledge, books, research topics and tools varies.
    Also the post about SCFDMA was from a student who is looking for research topic to work on , that was his first ever blog post 🙂

    Looking forward for your role as an author

    Wirelesscafe Team

    1. chevy67 Says:

      I have to said that my initial intention is to make this blog as my log book because i tend to jot down what i have done in some papers and then lost it… 😛 It really doesn’t occur in my mind that people will ‘actually’ read my blog when i started it. (consider there’s millions other blogger)
      Oh, well…i guess i cannot decline 🙂 But this month I’m quite occupy with some development work at site so my research is currently halted. It will be awhile before my first post hits in.
      So, how do i join the Wirelesscafe Team?
      Thank you again. I’m really looking forward to it.


  3. hi,

    That is true that there are million bloggers who write blogs and who know who read , same with me , I too started the blog but now I find that hit mark just crossed 5k mark, so i relaize there are many who read our blog, just like I came across yours :).

    Welcome to Wireless cafe Team, Hope now onwards you will take Wirelesscafe as your own blog and so the team 🙂 for getting the previalage rights just drop in your mail id at ashwinispatankar(at) , from the administrator panel we will add you as an author.

    And it is not a big deal that it will take a while for you to write something, take your time, in the mean time you can either repost or ping back your earlier post and update the “about wireless cafe” page (means authors details) of the blog, and one more thing give the title like “How to ” or What is or something which strike first to your mind before writing any post.

    Once again Welcome to WirelessCafe.

    Thanks and Regards
    WirelessCafe Team

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